Teaching is a craft. To do it well fires must be lit.

Educators are the WARRIORS guiding our country's future.

Teacher Warrior Workshops are where educators connect to REIGNITE their FIRE, strengthen their CLARITY, and farm their ENERGY.

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Workshops follow a Learn → Create → Use methodology, where educators leave with practical wisdom for immediate impact.

Why Now?

Using the concept of a “riptide”, educators were asked to describe how they’re navigating doing their craft

  • "I'm physically exhausted and there's a cost and impact on all other facets of our lives."
  • "Leaders jump to act without knowing the needs of the people in their building."
  • "Resilience - ability to bounce back. This is what we need, and what we should be teaching our kids."
  • "I've lost the passion for teaching 5 years ago."
  • "Everything's a mess - but leaders keep pushing because we 'have to get through the curriculum."
  • "The connections between my peers and students are different or just lost. No one’s talking about it."
  • "I'm tired - everyday is a struggle."
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Who Attends?

The leaders of classrooms, departments, buildings, and districts

Workshops - Private and Open

Private Workshops

  • Full and Half day options

Open Workshops

  • May 2022
  • June 2022
  • July 2022

Three Areas of Focus

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Learn to optimize yourself as a human creature and as an educator

Aim: Create your system for how to access your inner power, and then, root it in a weekly plan for immediate impact
  • Harness the human creature-power of self-awareness
  • State 👉 Story 👉 Action - a weekly plan for you to access consistent energy, clarity, and courage
"Everything starts with the self" - Dr. Bill Brennan


Ask the right questions

Aim: Remain grounded to make informed choices, define your leadership to move education forward
  • Leverage your unique perspective to lead with intention
  • Identify your questions to clarify your past, current, and future target
  • Create your Teacher Warrior Mission
"In their wake, forest fires leave a nutrient-rich soil, ripe for regrowth. Covid burned away our norms. What regrowth are you going to protect?" - Dan Greenwald


Design your system and processes

Aim: Leverage your community of fellow educators to share, iterate, execute and celebrate your mission of being a Teacher Warrior
  • Define your leadership intentions
  • Harness your unique vision to design and create processes for unstoppable action over the school year
  • Plan and track your achievements for continual growth
"Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results." James Clear

What you gain

  • Your unique warrior mindset reconstructed
  • A practical framework to reignite your fire, clarity, and energy whenever needed
  • A clear personal leadership mission acting as your guide
  • Ability to design your personal system and processes that can guide you in achieving
  • A community of other educators to support, execute and celebrate together with

How we do it

  • Time is our greatest commodity (especially as educators) - workshops are designed to create the most impact with the least amount of friction or heavy lift
  • Leveraging the cohort-based-course model to learn deeper and quicker
  • Accessing a constructivist approach to ensure every workshop is unique in meeting the participants
  • Using tools designed for simple-simple-easy like Loom, Notion, LuMa, Zoom, Typeform, and G-Suite


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Dan Greenwald
  • Dan has been an educator, entrepreneur, and connector for over 20 years. When he unexpectedly lost numerous people close to him over five years, he was hit with a heavy dose that life is really short. He took action and accidentally created the ThirtyTenZero framework. ThirtyTenZero is built on the belief that all people have the power to change. This inner power is tapped when we uncover what we really want.
  • The concept for Teacher Warrior workshops was hatched back when Dan was teaching. It’s shocking how little support public provide for their educators. Treat them like olympic athletes in their honor and training.
  • Dan has a B.A. from Boston University and an M.A. from Teachers College Columbia University with a focus on curriculum design. His longtime passion to understand how people learn and what motivates them to change was sparked by a childhood stutter. Dan lives in NYC with his wife (a teacher) and three kids.


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